Eid Ghadir Mubarak

Today, around the world, Shia Muslims will be celebrating an occasion of vital importance to them; an event that it is widely considered to be the one that split the Muslim world. Eid al Ghadir is named after the event in which Shias believe that Ali ibn Abi Talib, the cousin of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), was […]

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His Eyes

Behind his calm black eyes there is a confident heart. True manifestation of bravery and honor recreated a living history to remind us the righteous path for enjoining good from evil sometimes needs to be irrigated by blood. Who is your master and leader? From whom you have learnt these heroic lessons? In which school […]

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Last Contact

With a humble heart and eyes full of tears I’m writing this post and dedicate it to true defenders of righteousness   Here is the last contact of Martyr Abbas Ali Alizade with his family which is recorded based on his will in the battlefield of Syria while he was surrendered by ISIS terrorists. I […]

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Eid Fitr Mubarak

What a glorious Ramadan we had. The month that its begging is bless, in the middle is forgiveness and at the end is granting our wishes and freedom from the fire. I remember once a great man said; If you can explain great feelings of one emotion, so it’s not a great emotion! which simply […]

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