Highest prayer in Ayatollah Bahjat’s (RA) opinion


Questioner: We are traveling to Isfahan, please teach us some prayer.

Ayatollah Bahjat (RA): Isfahan, Mazandaran or Khorasan, it doesn’t matter! The highest prayer is what I am about to say; which is to promise that if someone has 100 years to live, he will never commit a sin in presence of God with awareness or deliberately or intentionally. This is the highest prayer which is the practical pray! We’ll all belong to heaven by God’s mercy if we practice this kind of prayer. But it has one condition and that is the permanency of that action which should be newfound. Why is that? Because God’s beneficence is greater … – recites a Hadith from Prophet Muhamad (PBUH) – “Almighty God says; whoever approaches me an inch I will approach him a foot and whoever approaches me a foot I will approach him a mile and whoever marches toward me I will run toward him”. God’s tendency for approaching his servant to him is greater that the servant himself that he doesn’t realize the true meaning of closeness to God and what is really awaits him in that glorious presence. Always sees the paradise.


Ayatollah Bahjat (RA)

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