True Entity

The real questions are:

has mankind reached its true purpose? what is it anyway? when will we stop trying hard and start to enjoy what we’ve created? when is the time that we sit back and say “yes” this is what we’ve been working, sweating and dying for and it worth it! we don’t want no more, this is all that we have always dreamed about.

looks like i’m talking too imaginary! looks like there is no final goal, it’s always been like this and always will be so! it seems the more we work hard and try to settle things down the more chaos will appear in the world! so where are all that scientific theories and numerous rules and modern civilizations that human being is proud of it? why every effort to create an utopia has failed? is it because we don’t have enough money? is it because we don’t have enough men? is it because we haven’t reach enough knowledge and sociological theories that there is needed?

is there any path that we haven’t tried yet?

“in order to achieve what you have never had. you have to do what you have never done”

Faith my friend is the only path to it! and the most straight one. i know believe in what you can’t see or feel with any of your senses is not logical, but hey! there is more that can fit in your limited logic, you know there is … or it simply will be the sad story of eating, drinking, sleeping, reproducing and finally someday dying!

otherwise, is this really too hard to believe so? don’t we deal with anything that logic has no answer for it in our present lives?


“Love” that’s the simple word i’m talking about. if you have ever been in love you’ll concede that this savage entity could wildly destroy all the principles and logical terms that you’ve been building for yourself in years less than one minute by looking into a pair of black eyes!

Now you tell me what’s logical in this world? owning 80 percent of the world’s wealth by 20 percent of it’s population is logical? killing hundreds of thousand innocent people in Yemen. Iraq and Syria is logical? starving children in Africa while a few people are able to eradicate the whole world’s poverty in one week is logical? what was the good of accepting all of those illogical matters and what makes you so stubborn about accepting the existence of an unseen entity whose only word is your redemption?

think about it …


13 thoughts on “True Entity

    1. Words are powerless to express my gratitude.
      but you know my friend, there is more than just express feelings or just sharing thoughts ! it’s a duty on our shoulders, sworn enemies of human race have united with everything they have to make the wrong picture of Islam and it’s last savior by poisoning the media, creating terrorist groups like ISIS in the name of Islam(which is truly the opposite of that peaceful religion) and so many other plots that we should be careful enough to be able to defend against them !
      but the victory is ours (Enshallah)

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    1. Indeed, you just said what is truly going on perfectly.
      How gratifying would be to imagine a world full of justice without war, greed and vicious powers exploiting other countries.

      If you ask me what could be the most gracious instruction to find nowadays, I will definitely tell you it is the way that gives you both the image and the details to maintain your hope and provide true orders to make that dreaming era happens.

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