It was unbelievable for them to accept that their compassionate father is no longer among them. Someone that they’d cried with his tears and laughed with his smile. Someone who has illustrated the true lessons of Ashura and taught them to stand against oppression no matter how strong is your enemy, because your God is stronger than any other forces.

Father of the nation


Imam Khomeini’s speech, Meeting with Basiji soldiers (depth of love!):

“I envy your cheerful and luminous faces and your tears of joy. I feel modest when I encounter these faces and these attentive hearts of God’s presence”.



Imam of kindness



Imam Khomeini’s funeral in 6 June 1989


10 thoughts on “Ruhollah

      1. What you and people like you call “total independence” I believe should better be called “Isolation”.
        Because of actions of this man and man like him, our country and people have been abandoned.
        We are prisoners and you are the guards.

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      2. A prison of your own is better than a country open for exploiting foreigners.
        Tyrant entities that you consider them as friends and expect open and warm relations with them INVADE your beloved county for 8 years and killed more than 220000 people, they attacked a traveling plane full of innocent children and women, they’ve imposed brutal sanctions upon your nation over 30 years …
        knowing these facts and still insist on opening doors to world powers with trust, either I would call it betrayal or foolishness!

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      3. Exploiting foreigners at least gave us something in return, not like the exploiting mollahs and the supreme leader which use up peoples wealth to fill up their own and relatives pockets.
        At least 30 years ago there was freedom of expression and choice of religion and belief.
        30 years ago we had wealthier country and economy and smaller gap between the rich and the poor.
        Brutal sanctions were brought up on us because of these mollahs and the current system’s action!!!
        why were there no “brutal sanctions” back in shah’s time?

        But i have got to agree with you on your first point regarding “a prison of your own” – because according to every independent report Iran is a large scale prison to be frank.

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      4. I don’t think any country would put sanctions on a regime established by itself!
        As your intentional ignorance to all crimes which committed by vivid and sworn enemies of your nation, I shall leave this conversation with no conclusion but a huge shame of hearing such perfidious words from a compatriot.
        I’m glad that you’re not in the prison any more and wish you find that “Something in return” that you seek.

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