It was God who liberated this city

In 24 may 1982, After 19 months of valiant battle “Khorramshahr” was recaptured by Iranian in Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas. Every drop of blood that we’ve sacrificed on that land is the supporter of safety and peace in our country today.

229  Martyr Muhammad Jahan Ara:

Comrades, If the city falls we will recapture it again. But be careful about your faith so it doesn’t fall.

Imam Khomeini(RA)

Imam Khomeini(RA):

It was God who liberated “Khorramshahr”.

Khorramshahr, Population 36 millions!



There’s a popular sad Persian song, “Mammad Naboodi” (ممد نبودی, meaning “Mammad [colloquial variant of Mohammad], you were not there [to see the city has been liberated]”) which is about Muhammad jahanara, the Pasdaran commander who was one of the last few Iranians to leave Khorramshahr when it fell. He would go on to fight in the Siege of Abadan and lead Iranian forces to recapture Khorramshahr, but he died on May 24, 1981 in a plane crash incident, before observing the eventual liberation of the city.


10 thoughts on “It was God who liberated this city

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    1. Wow, there are too much passion and kindness in your words that I don’t know how to handle!
      You are a great inspiration my friend, Thank you so much for your support and God bless you too.
      by the way, My name is Hosein and I live in Iran- Isfahan city
      I also hope to read more of your great thoughts.
      Here is my email address, feel free to reach me whenever you want.

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      1. Yeyyy, i have one person friend from iran, not, i not inspiration, i hope you and all humand in world support me for be a good human, because i have many false in my work, in my activity, in all i have many false, i hope you can teach me step by step be a good human, hosein thank your forr all, hosein are you muslim? Ramadan will soon arrive, hopefully we can live it with special worship, and do not forget, continue to work to benefit the people around us that we love
        What time is it iran?.

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  2. Believe me Widia, you are already too good. Not everyone has a soft and generous heart like you have.
    Yes, we are also muslim like people in Indonesia and we will definitely have great moments full of blessing in near Ramadan.
    it is actually 18:36 pm here


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