Happy Birthday Master

Today is the 15th of Sha’ban birthday of Imam Mahdi (AJ) the last savior of humanity from Muhammad(pbuh) household. we celebrate this glorious day and pray for his reappearance.

Imam Sajjad(AS):

.یا أبا خالِدٍ! إنَّ أهْلَ زَمانِ غَیْبَتِهِ، القائِلیِنَ بِإمامَتِهِ، المُنْتَظِرینَ لِظُهُورِهِ، أفْضَلُ مِنْ أهْلِ کُلِّ زَمانٍ

320کمال الدین و تمام النّعمة، صفحه

O ’Aba Khaled, the people living in the time of Imam Mahdi’s major occultation are superior to the people living in every other period, provided that they believe in his leadership and if they await his reappearance.

Definitely the sun will not remain behind the clouds forever!

15th of Sha’ban
15th of Sha’ban
Imam Mahdi (AJ)

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Master

      1. Hi as you I hope know. I’m new to all this blogging world as I was institutionised for Mental Health problems. I’m following you and will always try to give an honest opinion and comment.
        Love Mo

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      2. First of all, very welcome to the blogging world it’s great to have you with us. and second, I deeply hope you be well in every moment of your life.
        Thank you for dedicating your time
        God bless you

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