Master come to me!

He tossed on the burning sand with excruciating pain. He felt that life was fast ebbing out but his wish to see his Master had remained unfulfilled. With one last effort, he shouted: “0 my Master, do come to me before I die.” As if in answer to his prayers, he felt footsteps near him. Yes, his instinct told him that it was his Master.

He felt his Master kneeling down besides him, lifting his head and taking it into his lap. Not a word was said for a few seconds, because both were shaken with emotion. At last he heard Hussain’s voice, a half-sob, half-muffled cry: “Abbas my brother, what have they done to you?”

Abbas now felt the loving touch of his Master’s hand. With great effort he muttered “You have come at last, my Master. I thought I was not destined to have a last look at you but, thank God, you are here.”

Hussain burst into a flood of tears. The sight of his brother, whose name was to became a byword for devotion and unflinching faithfulness, laying down his precious life in his arms, was heart-rending.

Abbas was heard to whisper softly: “My Master, I have some last wishes to express. When I was born, I had first looked at your face and it is my last desire that when I die, my gaze may be on your face. My one eye is pierced by an arrow and the other is filled with blood. If you will clear the eye I will be able to see you and fulfill my last dying desire. My second wish is that when I die, you should not carry my body to the camp. I had promised to bring water to Sakina and since I have failed in my attempts to bring her water, I cannot face her even in death. Besides, I know that the blows that you have received since morning have all but crushed you and carrying my body to the camp will be back-breaking work for you. And my third wish is that Sakina may not be brought here to see my plight. I know with what love and affection she is devoted to me. The sight of my dead body lying here will kill her.”

Abbas (AS)

King Of Loyalty:



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